Dualities have played an integral role in the conceptual foundations of my work for many years. Opposing forces such as night/day, good/bad, material/sublime, male/female have been constant companions.  Likewise, homonyms, antonyms and similes are often considered in the work. Materials processed from the natural environment have been used for their associations with the life cycle as well as notions of fragility and strength. These materials, processes and ideas blend to connect us to the cycles of life and the balance needed to sustain all life. Flax, abaca, and other materials gathered from nature are beaten to form paper, while river willow, harvested from my environment provide armatures for many of the sculptural works. For other works, kozo, the inner bark of the mulberry tree, is processed into a pencil thin drawing material to simultaneously create canvas and text on the forms. Sometimes words are actually incorporated into the forms for their metaphoric textural qualities rather than textual meaning. My hand as the artist in conversation with the materials themselves, inform how the sculptures develop. It is this conversation between nature and the artist that drives the work.