Reflections From Nature

Gathered leaves, processed to become individual pieces of paper have played an integral role in this series. This material has been used for its perceived transience and simultaneously its strength as a metaphor for the natural cycles of life and evidence of its history. Leaves are perceived to be ethereal and ephemeral yet possess the ability to endure and exist through multiple seasons and multiple generations encompassing a wealth of history - a history that can be well known as well as forgotten. Additionally, the series suggests the relationship of Mother Nature to the domestic – the role of woman as mother and caretaker.

The work takes on many appearances such as aprons, cloaks and other forms that reference the body and domestic life. The series has evolved to include landscapes and other abstract compositions. Recently, insects, flies or bees are incorporated into the work to suggest a fly in the ointment, an irritant – the wabi-sabi of life.