"These sculptural baskets are vessels that depict aspects of my experiences and philosophy of life. Each piece is a visual response to my everyday life, a window into what I read, see, feel - my thoughts, dreams, joys and sorrows."   

-Jo Stealey

Reflections From Nature

Gathered leaves, processed to become individual pieces of paper have played an integral role in this series. This material has been used for its perceived transience and simultaneously its strength as a metaphor for the natural cycles of life and evidence of its history.


Dualities have played an integral role in the conceptual foundations of Jo's work for many years. Opposing forces such as night/day, good/bad, material/sublime, male/female have been constant companions.

Kozo. 22”x24”x24” each.

Sculptural Books

"Sculptural papermaking and vessels have been integral to my work. For me, books are another form of a vessel. They are receptacles to visually address personal musings and reflections on my life and personal relationships."  -Jo Stealey

Handmade abaca paper, gold leaf, waxed linen, silk organza, mixed media. 8”x8”


"The large scale installation work developed out of my relationship with nature and reverence for the environment and its natural cycles. From my point of view, nature is the source of all life."

-Jo Stealey

Overbeaten flax & abaca paper, river willow.